Germany's WWII Flying Wing - Discussion

Hello, I am working on a new event vehicle for Germany. There isn’t much information and the Flying Wing vehicle. I was thinking we could put our heads together for the Flying Wing . Thank you
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Is that from f***ing indiana jones?!?!?!


isn’t that just a fictional movie prop from india jones?

There are still ww2 jets for germany missing:
-he162 A8
-he162 E
-me262 C3
-me262 HG1
-me262 HG2
-me262 B1/U1
-me263 (no jet though)

You will have more luck with those. Some of these are already suggested


India jones fr

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Not real…

Indiana jones…

They made 2 flying wings, the Ho-229/GO-299, and something similar to the “Valkyrie” from Captain America, I think it was only a P. so it was never finished, and only built by America, post war, like the P.1101

Is it cool, hell yeah, was it real, no. You’d have better luck adding the Heinkel 111 from the most recent movie, with a “twin tail” that also didn’t actually exist.

It has a very unique tail gunner position. I’ve heard reports that tail gunners would often damage their horizontal stabilizers while engaging the enemy, particularly in a dogfight.

This appears to be the same aircraft. It appears an American POW is attempting to escape with it, and is fighting a Luftwaffe flight mechanic.

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My man
That is from indiana jones

Maverick just up to his usual making low effot bait posts


I rather see the Tora Tora Tora T-6 Texans than see fully fake crafts.

So it should go to the US tree maybe. That’d be superncool


Never armed, so it’s useless, unlike the P.1101, which received 6 20mm’s in a similar layout to the Sabre.

So they could add p 1101 to merika?

Could they, yes, will they, no. Why would you want a worse, slower, and less maneuverable Sabre equivalent at a higher BR?

Interesting piece of history, would be cool to see in my hangar

You want it:

Grind Sweden, it technically exists in the form of the A/J-29 Tunnan aircraft.

I want the USAF livery on it tho. Ig some things you can’t get

I mean arguably it could go to america, given george lucas made the movie.


It’s a non-functioning plane, a prop, I don’t think it would.

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could also go to Britain given that they built the prop then shipped it to be assembled at the movie set…

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