Germany tier 4 ranking bug

Recently I’ve make the jump to rank 4 in Germany and ever since I’ve been getting consistent up tiers. But for example and can go to America and it would be back to normal. And the games are like super up tiers with me seeing tank all the way up to 9.0 br with my best tank being 6.7 br.

In the panic of battle, every variant looks like every variant.

(I’d wager it’s misidentification of a limited subvariant that is putting your mind into those numbers as you’d only end up facing the 7.7 with the 6.7 unless you have aplane in your lineup in ground RB.

It’s just a common scenario…)

Yeah now that I look back. That might I’ve been an over statement. I think it might’ve been me thinking the tanks where more powerful than I thought because I’ve never really experienced an regular 6.7 match.

Also adding onto my original post I’ve managed to grind for one or two vehicles in tier 4 and I noticed that every time I get a new vehicle I get one regular match than it’s back to the up tiers.

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You will also feel this on the constant too when you first unlock some vehicles.

Sometimes you want to wait until you have a couple of new vehicles in your lineup unlocked for that BR, then go in like ripping a band-aid off.