Germany KV-1b should be hidden and then join the Finnish Tech Tree in Sweden

Finland as they are the first (and currently only) operator of the vehicle. Just like the British Strv 81 (RB 52) and the Hungarian kf-41. This is a vehicle that belongs to Finland, but the Finnish Tech Tree has never been able to own it.


What do you mean exactly? The Kv-1E isn’t a Finnish variant but it was captured by them and used as the Kv-1B and Germany has it in-game for years however both vehicles hidden premium vehicles with the Kv-1E coming out for sale like once a year and the German one never does. Sure it can be added to the Swedish tree but their is 0 reason to change either vehicle where they are because the Kv-1E itself is a Soviet variant of they made themselves and used as well which is how the Finnish got their hand on them in the first place and the Kv-1B may as well be in that kind of state where you won’t really be able to get it again.

Also in the case of the strv 81 the British tree has its now a hidden premium vehicle that will remain hidden, like the Kv-1B the Strv 81 premium (and all the Israeli premium vehicles) existed before either tree existed in-game so they went to other nations that already existed in-game before sub tech trees were even a thing hence why despite the first Finnish vehicle in-game being in Germany they don’t have the Finnish sub tree, and keep in mind the Finnish tree is not even a year old as well.

The flag on the tank is obviously Finland, isn’t it? Finnish tanks in the Finnish Tech tree. That makes sense.In the past, the Finnish Tech Tree did not exist, but now that the Finnish Tech Tree has joined Sweden, the kv1e should be returned to Finland.

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I got these two tanks mixed up. I’ll correct it.

Finally more people who think the Kv-1B should be Finnish
great stuff

I never see anyone beligerantly demanding the “return” of Italian vehicles in the German tree, so why this? Someone from Deutschland spit in your face or something? You do realize both nations were friendly? There is nothing to return. What should happen is that both should have access to the vehicle in question

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The Italian crafts were only added since the tree didn’t exist so them being hidden makes sense. So I’m opposed to what this is wanting,

What about the later planes, that fell into german hands after the amisies? Which some even in game only have german markings? Those were never used by italiy, same with some tank, only produced and used ny germany.

You mean ones that were captured. The same logic applies to other nations. Sweden is getting a King/Royal Tiger however this wasn’t in their service during the war. The same logic implies.
If they had it, it would be added and or taken if there is a reason. Such as the Italian crafts were removed because Italy was not a nation back then however because it is, they have been hidden for that reason. However, the KV-1 was likely in both country’s services but it is redundant to add one to the Germans with new markings and colors. Aka saving cost.

No, not captured, germany straight up overtook the factories and continued production. There were multiple vehicles that were even specifically FOR germany.

Ehhhh!? shrugs with head slightly down i got no info, i cannot help. I’m just going by the info i;ve gathered over the 7 and a quarter years

Cant have beed all that good years.

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Some of those years were dark.

And others more.