Am I the only person playing british tanks, recently the opposition seems to be just those countries and the bias is unreal. I’m playing at 3.7.
Also has there ever been an event where you could use the fixed artillery pieces on some maps or even play with naval attacking land targets.

You are not the only person playing British 3.7. And no, there has never been an event like the one you described.

No event, but there is a “Frozen wastes” map at mid-high BRs where there are some coastal guns you can shoot at. And they shoot at you. You get the map randomly of course.

But it’s a pretty useless feature IMO - maybe an early design for something better down the track - only the snail knows.

The map is called Franz Josef Land and I have actually found those guns to be a relatively fun thing to deal with. It’s not a big challenge, but in a coastal fleet vessel, it’s pretty fun.

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Well, both German and Russian tree have decent 3.7 lineup with 3rd rank SPAAs, so people can grind battlepass tasks with them, making them quite popular lineups, unlike Britain and US, that have to grab at least 4.0, so only enthusiasts play 3.7 for these two countries.

Germany and Russia are also the most played countries, so you have the highest chance to encounter them in battle. Other countries also have these two countries vehicles in their trees, so even higher chance of playing against T-34 for example.

Assuming you talk about realistic battles…

If you want more British teammates, you should pickup 4.7 lineup, where the famous Firefly is.

Some nations have some advantage at some BRs…Brits do better at 3.0 and 4.7 for instance. 3.7 is better for German and Russians…US also.
Brits in general have good pen, but bad kill power…you can adapt a bit, but every kill will take a few shots. Good part is that you can pen even tough targets (with good ammo).

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I’ve been working my way through the brit tree and had everything up to BR5, I then got the FV4005 which is 6.3. That is a hole big leap in game play. I think I will go and have fun around the BR2’s

The fv4005 is quite an iteredting vehicle to use. I used to basically on shot everything but the hesh nerf hit it hard. It will still cripple anything it doesnt one shot though.

Hesh works great vs russian tanks

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