German PUMA before Begleit and Radkampfwagen

I think there is need to move PUMA right after Radkampfwagen due to it’s high BR

is planned when they folder the vehicles

They need to fix the PUMA first… there’s basically no reason to play it at 10.0. Gun accuracy and RoF is sh*t, armor means nothing at this BR. MUSS doesnt work properly, AHEAD doesnt work. APFSDS does about as much damage as badly thought out insult. WHy would i play it ?


Looks cool and the optics are nice? idk honestly, the things a bag of ass…

Im holding out hope that the entire vehicle will be reworked when the release the Puma S1, and I’m guessing thats why the S1 hasnt been released yet. Theres still a ton of open bug reports that gaijin has accepted and are being worked on allegedly.

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Well it was good at 8.3 BR, as it was introduced. Somewhere along its way to current 10.0 BR it totally lost its significance. I threw it out of my lineups.

Initially, as it was released:

  • was faster than most opposition
  • better optics than most opposition
  • MUSS spoofed most missiles at its initial BR
  • alot tanks shot heat-fs around 8-9 BR brackets and Puma armor is quite resistant vs heat.
  • alot lighter vehicles and IFV as opponents (like BMP, Bradley, Roicats etc), 30mm was useful.


  • in 90% you face just MBT hordes, your 30mm is meaningless vs. T-72 or T-80 blobs.
  • you are not exceptionally fast anymore, compared to most likely opponents
  • optic is nothing special anymore, alot vehicles have improved thermal viewers around 10.0
  • no one uses heat-fs anymore, and vs darts armor is useless
  • MUSS can’t affect missiles which might be typically used around BR 10.0

Puma got totally thrown out of its comfort zone. In a 10.0 context all its features are useless. If it would have an ATGM it would be more bearable, but wth…whats its use vs modern MBT just with 100mm pen? The 30mm had its use while you had speed, spotting or armor advantage…but since this is all gone…there’s no compensation anymore for your weak main gun.

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And there is the CV9040s which do everything the puma does… but better.


i think the S1 should be a modification and not another vehicle because the spike is an equippable system like the mods on the bmp.


Id rather have a properly modelled Puma at 10.0/10.3 and a properly modelled Puma S1 at 10.7/11.0

Ppl keep asking for the spikes, the spikes is NOT what will make the Puma good ingame. Spikes are TERRIBLE ingame, and the Puma only gets 4.

4 shit missiles isnt going to fix the fact that the main gun has more spread and overheats faster than a BMP-2’s 30mm despite ALL the evidence to the contrary irl. It wont fix the missing 50mm steel plate in the LFP gaijin forgot to model/missed when modelling. It wont fix the NERA having worse KE modifiers than rubber, or the CLARA ERA being much more fragile and much less protective than it should be. Nor will it fix the terrible anti air ability of this vehicle despite having the most advanced anti-air shell ingame. Or even fix the laughable MUSS implementation.

Idk why everyone fixates on the spikes so much. They wont fix anything. They might make it a little better on very long range low clutter maps, whivh we basicly never get anyways in WT at this point because gaijin thinks tanks made to engage at 1km+ should be fiting at eachother sub 500m all the time

the BR placements are way off. the puma wasnt made for fighting MBTs from the front with its 30mm. the main issue these days is in its long range capability against anything that doesnt face its front to it. the current spike is bad no doubt. PUMA irl doesnt mount this one. it gets the SPIKE LR which is better.
as for armour i totally agree as well as for the ERA, NERA and MUSS. it also has a MAWS which auto deploys smoke when an atgm is coming. this isnt in game even though it is so easy to implement. the smoke grenade launchers actually rotate to face the threat direction.
i wish gaijin is more proactive about these things
and dont even get me started about the AHEAD shell


The italian spike is very good vs helis, for instance… Same as the chinese “Spike” from that event vehicle. Its not trash, its great. They climb into the sky and dunk on every heli you might be able to lock.

Even if you land your chopper behind a tree line or something, it will get you (and is immune to flares, thx to its thermal imaging seeker).

And yes, the current BR placement is impossible to understand. Also the lacking implementation of some features like MUSS. Someone up there has a agenda or something^^