German Navy Day: Two Ships and a Decal!

On June 14th 1848, the newly formed German Empire founded a navy to confront Denmark, which had established a blockade on German ports. They took part in only one battle at Heligoland in 1849, but were unable to lift the blockade. In 1849, the empire ceased to exist, and in 1852 so did the navy. This memorable date remained and is celebrated as German Navy Day to this day.

The Т31 and Z20 Karl Galster destroyers are temporarily available for Golden Eagles!

In honor of German Navy Day, two ships from WWII have temporarily returned for Golden Eagles! The T31 is 5,040 Golden Eagles and the Karl Galster is 6,090 Golden Eagles.

When: From now until June 17th (07:00).

Where: Germany > Bluewater fleet > Premium vehicles.

About the T31

  • The T31 took part in battles against Soviet boats in the Vyborg Bay in 1944. She’s equipped with a powerful air defense battery and rapid-firing main caliber guns, especially effective at short and medium distances!

About the Z20

  • The Z20 Karl Galster was engaged in laying minefields during WWII and hunting Arctic convoys. This destroyer differs from its peers due to its fully automatic 37 mm anti-aircraft guns and impressive speed. Karl Galster’s main caliber is the 128 mm SK C/34 gun with a good rate of fire and powerful HE, making this destroyer a true all-rounder!

Earn the “Emblem of the Marineunteroffizierschule” decal!

This decal is available for German Navy Day.

When: From now until June 17th (07:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using German ships at rank III or higher to receive the “Emblem of the Marineunteroffizierschule” decal.

Additional details:

“Emblem of the Marineunteroffizierschule” decal

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, and [Assault] mode.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → German Navy Day.
  • You can find the decal in the “Germany → Navy” tab in the Customization menu.

why are both so overpriced compared to the Z47 with 1750 GE only at rank 3 aswell? Or are these FOMO-mechanics now standard for warthunder?


If I had to guess they don’t want to make people who bought these from website mad.
I own Z20 and have to say there is no reason to pay that kind of money and would be totally fine them lowering prices of these old prems.

maybe they’re trying to make the VLT-2 look like a good deal?

probably. I wont buy those ships even if they were cheaper but then rather keep them hidden, because else it just “scams” people

When has FOMO not been standard in War Thunder

Yeah but not that much overpriced. Event vehicles could be bought with GE. 8 Stars for 999GE for a rank 6 tank/plane is still somewhat ok.

The community market is overpriced aswell. They should introduce a cap where gaijin supply the vehicles to limit prices to a reasonable amount. For example people can sale the new churchill under 25 gaijin coins and every sale at 25 gaijin coins is made by gaijin. This would limit the cost to 25€s which is still expensive but protects “whales” somewhat

Because the Zerstörer Z20 was at one point a premium pack worth $75.95 (AUD) so subtracting the GE/ premium time equals it to the current price (we can see similar with other old pack premiums still in game), Folttontorpedoboot T31 was always expensive at iirc 4800 GE (so the current price has had an increase I believe), But Pre 2.01 premium ships were expensive for the older better tech trees (example the Project 41 Destroyer Neustrashimy was 7800 GE iirc) meanwhile post 2.01 with the new model of tree the premiums are a lower price.

In both cases I dare say it’s that they’re kept this price so as to not only piss off older players who bought them at more expensive costs but also to make artificially rarer with such costs an add in fomo logoc then it’s easy to see why.

We see similar in the current coastal tree with the bluewater warships in those trees from pre 2.01 all costing like 1750 - 2850 GE meanwhile post 2.01 ships are bloody 6090 GE while for a few not being worth it at all.

Anyway T31 would be worth it even more had the ship stayed 3.7 but at some point it went to 4.0 & heh powerful AA HAH my buttocks when it’s an extra few 3.7 cm cannons for the lose of a 2 cm autocannon.

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