German Naval Bismark

Just curious, Not to beat a dead Boat or anything, but where is the Bismark in war thunder, and why hasn’t Gajin added it yet? They added the ship it sunk, the HMS Hood, but not the Bismarck? Why? Will it be a Valentine’s Day (Bismarck Launch Day) Event?

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I’d assume for such a big name in Naval history, it’d be a keystone vehicle addition in one of the major updates. That said though, I’d wish for 7.0/battleship severe decompression first before more battleships are added. This then means they need to implement that feature they talked about with vehicles being in different BR depending on game mode and therefore shift all the 7.0+ planes up in BR so that battleships won’t run into Cold War fighter jets…

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Bismarck is a battleship from 1940 and HMS Hood is a battlecruiser from 1920. Do you really think these two ships are equal in capability just because they fought each other in battle?
It’s amazing how you’re so eager to powercreep the already compressed mode further when Germany has been absolutely dominant with Scharnhorst for two and a half years now.

Personally, I do think Hood was added far too soon especially with how they’re still making their way backwards in introducing British capital ships (seriously, where’s the EDIT: Revenge/Royal Sovereign-class? Even the USSR tree would get a new ship from it) but Bismarck would be an enormous jump in capabilities compared to the rest of the battleships in the mode, Germany’s equivalent to it is already present in the 3 Bayern-class battleships in the game. You wouldn’t argue that South Carolina (1940) needs to be added because a Nagato-class battleship from 1920 was added with performance clearly of that of a ship two decades older.


Bismarck will come eventually. We know they have a model ready for it because War Thunder Mobile has it already. Not sure when it will come, but it will.

Just because HMS Hood faced it doesn’t mean it was equal to it (Hood is certainly not equal to Bismarck). It will come in an update at some point.


Wow. Now I have to feed the snail double time for the reason Valentine’s Day should be cancelled.

I would. ship is ship

İ remember the days when i was playing World of Warships.

Tier8 Bismarck vs Tier7 Hood was quite enjoyable, even managed to detonate one Hood with my Bismarck which made it even more historical and funny, tho it was not a fair competition :)

Since Bismark was naval gunnery practice target for Royal Navy, I firmly believe it should go to british naval tech tree.


I doubt the Battleship Bismarck will come any time soon but there’s a chance we could see the screw corvette SMS Bismarck as you don’t specify Which Bismarck you ask for in the title (even though it’s obvious but I’m just bringing up the other ship).

They moved cannon meta in last update with IJN Mutsu. Bismarck is coming.

Again, how does a battleship from the immediate post-WWI era indicate the arrival of a ship two decades newer?


This is painfully true lmao


Again, nobody cares about eras and years in Naval, especially not Gaijin.

Scharnhorst is already the strongest battleship in the game, with most nations left with absolutely nothing that can go toe to toe with it.

HMS Hood was an inter-war battlecruiser. Britain has yet to get a single WW2 era battleship like HMS King George V


War Thunder Mobile has WHAT NOW?

Personally i would like to see HMS Vanguard first(even tho it was the last British BB that was laid down).

That thing is so beautiful, easily one of my favourite premium ship in World Of Warships.


The battleship Bismark is very much over rated to be honest. But we all know that if it is ever added it will be broken…just like the Scharnhorst.

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True,i don’t play naval but when they’ll ever add the Dunkerque i’m gonna start playing it,it was my first premium ship in WoWS and one of my favourites (together with the Scharnhorst and the Blyskawica)

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I think that you clearly meant that the HMS Glorious should go to the Kriegsmarine as a target ship (although we really don’t want that garbage rust bucket anyway)

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