German IFVs: From Marder to Lynx

It’s not 100% clear which vehicle is the actual first infantry fighting vehicle. Yes, the Soviet BMP-1 had unique capabilities for its time, but Germany also has a pretty strong claim. The precursor of all modern IFVs, the HS.30, was developed by Germans in as early as the late 1950s. And in 1969, they introduced the Marder, a fully-featured infantry fighting vehicle with protection from small-arms fire and shell splinters.

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Even I don’t see Kf-41( LYNX) in the German research branch. And we see it in Hungary for a change. Thanks to the developers for the video, like a red rag for a bull.


Dear developers, thanks for transferring the German IFV to Italy. And the next video you beat below the belt to lovers of German technology. Not used in the Army didn’t stop you from adding derivatives, Vickers and similar vehicles and even new PSO. Thank you for the clown act that once again discredited you from some part of the community


Reminds me of a video by Gaijin about Challenger 2 and a title being ‘Tracked fortress’

Not being relatable to actual game in any way, lmao.


Wow what a cool German vehicle! i wonder where it is placed in the German tree?



So the damage wasnt enough and you guys decided to put some more salt into the wound huh?


Then you guys wonder why nobody likes you and doesnt believe anything you guys say.


They think patch is not enough:)

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By the way, on the ru forum immediately banned comments. Something afraid

I love it and am enjoying this.

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Couldnt even care less tbh.

İ already saw your opinion about Lynx so your opinion doesnt matter for me.

Perhaps you can eat your popcorn at the corner cause remember, sooner or later table will always turns :)

What tables? I don’t care and get all butt hurt like yall. If they decide to do something cool. If they don’t I don’t care.

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Then keep your opinions to yourself cause i dont care about what you think or how you feel as well :)