German CAS at top tier

I’ve finally got an 11.7 ground lineup, and I have every plane in the German tech tree except the mig29G. I love flying CAS, but flying against pantsirs every match, and american/russian planes in a tornado is starting to feel like a hopeless situation.

Pantsirs will often lock me the second I spawn in, and I’ve died a few times either trying to climb to space from spawn, or even before I hit the deck because it was totally foreign concept to me that I could just be obliterated that fast. Now I feel like I have 2 options in the tornado. Either I hit the deck immediately, and try to use tardbombs while lawnmowing, or I hit the deck, fly 25km away from the battle, then start climbing to 25km and finally if there wasn’t a plane watching me, become a better drone after 5 minutes of shenanagins and collect 1-2 kills because the chance of something dying before my bomb descends 25km is usually a coin toss or worse.

Tornado is a fucking brick, with only a few flares/chaff, so lawn mowing popping up and trying to line up bombs in that few second window you have is abysmal compared to more agile CAS with better suited weaponry for that type of attack (missles/guns). I started having about 10x more fun in the MIG23BN when I switched to rocket runs instead of trying low level bombing, same with the alpha jet.

From my expierence on the receiving end of CAS, its 90% AGMS (just speaking on jets), I think maybe 1 in 20 games I might see a bomb being dropped by someone in outer space. Every game there is some SU whatever just racking up kills with guided missles.

So is the tornado even worth taking out? Every single video I see of people playing it on YT its some insane circus montage of them flying 2-5km above the deck over the battle not being raped to death by russian light tanks, let alone SAMs, I don’t even know what parallel world I’m watching when I see this stuff.

Do I need to just lawn mow with mig29’s / su22 with guided/dumb rockets? Is it actually worth spending the fucking time climbing to space with the tornado? Are there any decent guides to playing top tier CAS with German planes and not just seal clubbing videos? I know this is a bit of rant, but every BR up to 11.7 I’ve maybe not done so well with CAS, but I at least felt like I had a chance and had FUN either way. Now I just feel like a clown spawning in a jet.

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not playing russia or usa is your first mistake
playing germany is your second mistake

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I started with Germany, and after all the $$$ and grind can’t bear to touch another tree again, maybe if I win the lottery. I love the ground vehicles, just the CAS has been awful after WW2, especially before the mig23bn/alpha jet.

yeah me too, im a german main myself lol. i didnt bother researching the tornado. I use mig29g for CAP but even that is almost outdated when almost half of the other nations have the gripen. the only decent cas germany has is the tiger uht and even that is outclassed by 16 spike missiles being added to other nations lol. germany really is forgotten and now we are getting a top tier phantom another reason to stop maining germany

The only German CAS worth taking out is the Tiger UHT, and even that can be finicky.


Finally got some mods on the su22 and mig21 sau, 10.3 germany is tremendously better in terms of CAS at that BR now, going from using a flareless and AAMless mig 23 with bombs/rockets, to something with the same options + guided rockets, flares, and 6 R60ms is such a leap in capability its stupid. For CAP we went from a mig21 with 4 r60’s to one with 6 r60ms. Again huge.

11.7 is really the only lineup after 10.3, and maybe the phantom will be our best CAS there? The fact its 11.7 ground might be advantageous to dodge people running new 13.0 planes? If thats even a thing Im not sure how ground RB MM works at the extremes of the BR ranges (will running a 13.0 plane in your lineup exclude you from being matched with a pure 11.7 lineup?)