German Bombers

German bombers seem pretty underpowered— if not, all bombers collectively. There’s some gaps missing that could potentially be filled, and I’m sure this could apply to a magnitude of other nations.

I’m mainly saying this from a gameplay perspective, grinding for the same do217 five times isn’t enjoyable. There’s plenty of bombers that Gaijin has yet to add— such as the JU-89 V2.

The JU-89 V2 is one example of many bombers that Gaijin– and the community– tend to brush over. A few others could be the Ju390, Ta400 (Me264 competitor), He274, Fw189, the list goes on.

Again— I’m not necessarily saying this is exclusive to Germany, I’ve just noticed a repetition bomber models— why not just folder them and add more unique aircraft?

Let me know your thoughts.