German Aviation Perspective (List of aircraft)

Got it, thanks, I’ll fix it soon. As for the Mi-24E, this is a special modification for various analyzes in the air, it also has weapons (with the exception of a cannon)

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Do you have any more info on the F-16C?

A little, you can see here:

  1. - The ultimate F-16, F-35 and F-22 reference
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Do you also have a link for more info on the F-4F ICE LA and LV? Never heard of them.

  1. McDonnell Douglas F-4F KWS-LA - German Bomb Truck
  2. McDonnell Douglas F-4F KWS-LV - Final Phantom

Could you provide some more info on the Alpha Jet A 80?

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What do you guys think about the Tornado ECR maybe as new Aircraft or the AGM-88 HARM Missile and TSPJ Pod as extra Modifikations for the Tornado types?

Tornado ECR would be the most useless addition possible it lacks certain armament options and cannons. It might make a good event plane, but for tech tree it is useless.
The better choice is the ASSTA 3.1, an upgrade for the 3.0 that gave them the complete ECR capabilities.
Besides that normal tornados carried HARMS as well

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There is not much information. The modernization took place in the 80s, there was some name, but I have not found it yet. The modernization consisted of replacing the avionics and adding flashes to the aircraft; all other components were not upgraded, since other versions were planned, which were later canceled

I didn’t put it on the list for one reason; there are already several good options for this aircraft. Within the game it will not be much different

Are the F-16s flown by German pilots or are they just part of the U.S. air force in Germany?

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What does that matter? if they then come and give a British hunter to Germany.

Oh man, I really hope not. Poland ought to get a full tree, especially with its diversity of ground vehicles and modifications.

It matters because if it’s a
US F-16, it would go to the US, the reason Germany got a hunter is because it is Swiss (still not a good reason, could have added the FFA P-16 instead)

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I take it you’re talking about the F-16C Block 30? If so, it was included in the German air force roster, but served at Ramstein AFB as part of the US military. I’m getting ahead of the question, were there German pilots there or were they trained to fly these planes - Yes

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Ok, thank you

What about the Swiss FFA P-16 prototype?

He’s low-ranking. The list is compiled taking into account 7 ranks and so on, with the only exception being jet attack aircraft that carry high-precision and modern weapons

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