German 6.0 setup

Hello guys! Can you pls recommend me classic setup for Germany that includes 4 ground vehicles and 1 plane on BR 6.0?

Tiger 1E
Panther F (A and G are worse in my opinion but are possible aswell)
Zerstörer 45

-bf109 K4 with 500kg bomb
-fw190 F8
(ju288 and do335 B2 are possible aswell if you have them)

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For a historically realistic line up I’d recommend the following tanks
1: Tiger 1E
2: Panther G
3: Ostwind 2
4: Jagdpanther G1

As for planes there are multiple aircraft I’d recommend depending on your playstyle
CAS focused- DO-335B-2 or Ju-288
CAP focused- Ta-152C-3
For a little of both the prior options I’d suggest the Bf-109K-4 or Fw-190D13/D12 (Both the 335 and 152 can do both as well with practice)

If you just want a good line up over all I’d recommend the same line up as before but with the Panther F instead of G, as well as replacing the Ostwind with the Zerstörer 45. And of course if you like big HE slingers the M109G.

Hope this helps and happy hunting!

Tiger E - Your univeral tank for long and short ranges
Panther G/F - For staying at mid to long range (G/F) or pushing with the team (G)
Waffenträger - For uptiers or more long range action
Zerstörer 45 - For ultimate SPAA action

Bf 109 K4 - For AA and CAS option

Jagdpanther is 6.3

You’re so right. I completely overlooked that. However between my choices of this or the wafftentrager I’d take the .3 Br bump and armor.

Plus, I have a feeling this will be going up in BR soon, at least to 6.3

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Tiger 1E is pretty solid, tho I prefer the Panther F. But most maps are small these days, so Tiger 1E has the upper hand if you are not uptiered too much. Pair this with the Dicker Max for example, because many maps have become true hull down parties. Alternatively the Nashorn if you prefer a strong gun over the Panther F’s versitality. Then I always go with a Puma. If you have the PakPuma, take it. If not, the 5cm version will do.

For planes I go with the Heinkel 162. Early jet, fast enough to get pretty much out of any trouble if played right. Combine that with the new fuel mechanics and take ~10 min of fuel. That usually is more than the match will last anyway and you are not far of the magical performance of the jetling. If you want CAS… well tough luck. You either have only canons which are not too reliable, bigger twin engine plane which are easy to shoot down or a middle ground of fighter but only with 250/500kg. BillyBobDa3rd’s suggestion there I share.

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