Gepard1A2:FAPDS munition and EOTS modification

Gepard1A2 is the outcome of Nutzungsdauerverlängerung upgrade program,which replaces the original Gepard’s HEI/SAPHEI belt with DM33 FAPDS belt.


here are some sources.

anti air in germany 2
antiair in germany 3
FAPDS compared with APDS
fapds cut apart


compare mesko’s fapds technical data with pmd055’s,we can say that PMD055/DM33 and MESKO 35mm FAPDS is the same round.Unfortunately I could find any official source on the penetration of this FAPDS(oerlikon brochure only demostrates its damage against air targets),but a polish military fourm said during MESKO’s trail it penetrated 10mm+30mm RHA at 45° from 1000 meters away(60mm air between 2 plates).

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And here’s a video filmed by heeresflugabwehrschule which can also prove the fact that Gepard1A2 got a belt of pure FAPDS munition:

EOTS is an experimental modification,a video from KMW trials 2008 at ADA Live Firing Range in Todendorf/Germany: combined with this photo can prove its existence.
Gepard EOTS


Actually I’ve already posted issues on these several months ago,but there’s no response…


This topic has been around for a long time and i feel like it will remain even longer. Gepard 1A2 uses very archaic and obsolete shells while proxy fuze shells and Strela rule the sky, quite sad.

On the topic of the Gepard, why can’t the Gepard lock Scout Drones? That feels incorrect based on its role in a certain combat zone.

I’ve heard that there’s a code called “preciseMinor” in warthunder,if a radar don’t have it,it can lock on neither ammunitions nor recon drones,but I can’t confirm it’s authenticity.

It’s currently shooting down Iranian Shahad drones, which are no bigger?

How can it lock a rocket, but not a small drone in-game?

It should be able to lock on these small targets,but didn’t receive this ability in game,I don’t even know the reason to this.