Gepard in Heli PvE

How to destroy Gepard in Heli PvE with AS.11 safety?
I’m playing with H-34:)

its important to keep a safe distance from the Gepards and maneuver to make the AI miss their shots, idk what ordinance the H-34 has: but if it has non-guided munitions i suggest error and trial shots. based on your previous shot adjust your aim of rockets/guns to come closer to hitting the target

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I’m using AS.11, guided missile.
And I’m trying to dodge, but Gepard’s aim is so great…

yeah their AI is quite good, i don’t remember what their aim/fire distance is but if you stay behind that distance. You are fully safe to destroy them

Maybe aiming distance of Gepard is 3km.
And fire range of my missile is 3km too;(

yeah then that really sucks, im sorry for you. in the Mi-4AV i get to stay behind that fire range as mine are 4 Km :(

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Which variant of h34 are you using?

If the French variant, which ive used extensively, the as.11 has a firing range of 3.5 km. The gepards should be able to hit you up to about 3km. If you maintain that buffer between just over 3km and below 3.5km you can get the as.11 on target before the gepard fires upon you.

You can also ‘dumb fire’ rockets from a safe distance, i would recommend staying within a collective of 75-85% as its easiest to not overshoot, but never the less it can take many tries to get on target, unless you have ccip.

I do not recommend using the bomb loadout for heli pve with this heli, your guns can easily take out the soft targets between reload of rockets/missiles.

Now this may take practice and a combo of maneuvering to maintain distance, as well as also being aware that if the target is moving away from you, the added distance traveled needs to be within this threshold or the as.11 will detonate before reaching target.

This same approach can be used for any armaments in this game mode, as knowing your limitations and enemy vehicle limitations are key. The exception in the br threshold the h34 is in would be the canyon map where you also encounter the south african za-35 I believe, which can dispatch targets rather quickly at something like 4km so do not attempt unless you are confident you can get on target before it takes you out.

I do not have the US h34 but looks like they use the the agm 12-B bullpup whicg has a firing range of 8km in which is quite insane for the starting br bracket for heli pve.

Once you get a feel of the helicopters and get more comfortable, you get take a bit of risk within these but it still can be challenging especially in high br. I tend to try and fly low and fast on maps with lots of cover and pop up either slightly below or just on target with intention of hitting them before im aquired. Its been fun doing this with the ah-6m vs rolands, which many players hate.

Hopefully this helps a bit.

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Thank you very much for your help!!
I’ll try it!

You must use the stationary flight to more than 3.1 km on the Gepard of the armored columns but attacking from behind. I do not recommend it, and you should only attack the ZSU 23-4. On the rock cannon, you must avoid the ZA-35 that open fire long before a Gepard. An option is to stop the column, making a critical impact to the first vehicle of the armored column.

Data: The Roland if you manage to approach less than 500 meters, no longer shoots. You can only in some bases of some maps. I have used vs roland with success the UH-1 B/C/D; Gazelle (Chinese); Ah-1 G/F/Z; Ah-6 M; Yah-64; AH-64 A; Alouette II/III (Germany/France); BO-105 PAH-1/A1; EC-665 Tiger UHT; AB-205 A-1; Mi-24 A/P; Mi-4 AV; Z-11 WA; H-34 (France); Tzefa A and Lahatut.

Unfortunately many players get near the clouds thinking a guided long range shot is the only way, and granted there are a few maps that are difficult to traverse, but the terrain CAN be used in your favor and all too often not by players…
Some maps even have the tunnels that can be used to fly through to approach targets at opposote ends, etc. provided you can fly through without crashing, most heli will fit… although, I have no hinds in my catalog so I cant confirm if they do fit.

Thank you everyone!!

Today I record this small video with the Z-9W of recent acquisition, facing the Roland.

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