Geniere D-555

Why is this ship Rank II? It’s the most modern ship in the Italian bluewater tree and the most modern Rank II by 12 years. It’s even more modern than all of the Rank III destroyers except the Blagorodnyy. There is zero reason for it to be a lower rank than other, similar BR’d destroyers that are substantially less usable. The premium Fletchers in the US tree are Rank III as well. What gives?

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Rank & service dates mean nothing & it was placed at Rank II post 2.01 unlike the premium Fletcher class for the US which was marketed at Rank III pre 2.01.

After that update destroyer where found at all ranks while prior they were only Rank III.

At least on the bright side the Fante class Destroyer doesn’t suffer the same fate as the Ayanami class Destroyer since both came in the same update just the latter was made a Rank V & a frigate…

Still looking at other TT’s there are many cold war destroyer at Rank II so seeing the Fante class there as well isn’t to shocking, As examples the Project 30bis, Mitscher class DDL, Ariake class.

Fair enough, however in the rest of the game, the entire concept of ranks is to divide eras. That said, there’s still no reason for such an advanced ship to be placed so low on the tree when ships that have much lower performance are in a higher rank.

Personally, I’d rather have a rank V frigate over a rank II destroyer if they have similar performance because the rank II destroyer can’t do anything in events, battlepass, or special tasks, and Geneire is by far the best Italian DD.