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I could just save those images yeah

Found this on old forum

You might find more stuff from here, good luck! And make sure you link the bug report here so we can vote it, o7

mainly struggling right now to find the chart for turret traverse speeds for leopards
edit: found on a different forum a snippet
Found a more complete pdf

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The German community might be able to help you on this.

Type 4 hull evolutions.

Type 1 hull evolutions.


Houston, we have a problem.
warthunder issues won’t let me report issues as i get an error code Unable to save issue[EID: 3f4e6334f4779c8e3ab82de3f4090875]

Ill post the text here so you can copy paste it or edit it how you please if you choose to post it

In the previous bug report, Community Bug Reporting System , it was concluded as “not a bug” because of:
“Current standard for aiming speed is based on the maximum speed available to the gunner, not the mechanical maximum speed (e.g., the speed of the stabilizer). Therefore, the report is considered not a bug and will be closed.”

Leopard turret traverse:
However, in the pdf, under “GTD chaser for large weapons” it lists a max speed of 40 degrees/sec or more, and a “Max aiming speed” of 30 degrees/sec or more. As for elevation, the max speed is 40 degrees/sec or more, while the max aiming speed is 9 degrees/sec or more. This applies to the leopard because in platform class references, it specifies the leopard 2.

Leopard in game:
The Leopard 2 in game takes the max speed value, for example, a stock uncrewed Leopard 2 has a horizontal drive of 24 degrees/sec, which goes up to 40 degrees/sec, and a vertical drive of 22 degrees/sec which goes higher when spaded and crewed.
So no, the current standard for aiming speed is based on the mechanical maximum speed as shown by the leopard in game.

Type 10:
This should apply to the type 10 as well, as it has a gunner max speed of 30 degrees/sec or more, with an additional 15 degrees/sec for disturbances, as well as an optional 2 degrees/sec to match the commander sight rotation speed of 47 degrees/sec

GSDF Specification Document GV-Y120001E p58.60.73

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This is mostly caused by a certain link or post that you have uploaded.
Happened to me before and then i test by removing some files that i believe might be the proble then i managed to create the report.
I guess you have tolet them know that you couldn’t upload the source of the reference so they might fix it somehow.

Type 60 APC with Type 74 smoke dischargers.

Technically this could be suggested as a modification for the Type 60 ATM.

Since the launchers are installed on the sloped area meaning they wn’t be blocking the atgm launchers which are installed on the flat part of the roof.


Ok, it doesnt like images that aren’t in game screenshots i think
here’s the bug report on turret traverse Community Bug Reporting System
also here’s one on blow out panel visuals Community Bug Reporting System

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Excellent, you already recieved a decent amount of votes !
They better not pulling off the classic Gaijin’s move by coming up with more excuses to excluding the Type 10 because it is Japanese lol


They closed it with not a bug

First thought is to see if the 40 degrees/sec figure he provided is in regards to max speed or gunner speed as it doesnt mention if its max speed or gunner speed

An alternate path would be to make a suggestion to model the extra degrees/sec to help keep the gun stable as it is in real life

If anything, expect a leopard vertical targeting nerf now that its been brought to the devs attention


Thank you!

Sad, i honestly didn’t expect much tbh. But thank for your efforts.

I will start writing a suggestion to model the turret traverse that incorporates the limited the degrees to keep the gun stable, such as the 15 degrees/sec that is used for disturbances. Is there any hard proof of a tank using the full power of the turret traverse to keep it still when the hull is rotating?

Finished bug reports for the ST-A 1 and ST-A 2 models.

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also, I remember that @WaretaGarasu was going to remake some type 10 issues, but nothing ever came of that. are there any status updates on that?

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It has been fixed and is pretty good now!

They did ? Which update was it ? s it recent ?

M44 SPH a backward 155mm self-propelled howitzer.