General Dynamics Flyer 72

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General Info
The story of the Flyer 72, made by General Dynamics began in the USA. It was primarily designed due to a need by the US SOCOM to have a lightweight, mobile platform that could be transported and paradropped by aircraft. They also wanted the new vehicle to be highly modular and be configured for a variety of missions. They were interested in replacing the 1000 Humvees they still used, due to them being outdated and not exactly a vehicle fit for their needs anymore. In 2013 General Dynamics would win the contract with a first batch of 101 units out of a total order of 1300 planned for procurement. Some of the key features of this vehicle includes the ability to be air-transportable by several US and NATO aircraft, such as the V-22 Osprey, CH-53E Super Stallion, CH-47D Chinook, C-130 Hercules, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III and C-5 Galaxy. Due to it being highly modular, many types of interchangeable weapon systems are able to be fitted to the vehicle for any type of mission. One of the more heavy hitting armament it can mount includes a M-230 30mm chain gun which is able to fire the majority of 30mm NATO standard munitions such as M789 HEDP and M799 HEI. This chain gun is the same one installed on the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. With proper rounds its able to be used both for air and ground targets. Other armaments availible to the vehicle include a varierty of ATGM’s and machine guns. In terms of mobility it can reach speeds of up to 150km an hour and has an overall range of 560km. The Flyer is also highly adaptable to severe, rugged and restrictive terrains while providing off-road, and cross-country mobility in all types of weather conditions. In terms of survivability due to it being primarily a special forces vehicle, operators tend to make do without armour packages as it bogs down the vehicle. Thats not to say that the vehicle doesn’t provide protection but it mostly is effective against small arms fire and shell splinters. Its big weakness is also mines and IED’s, the vehicle was not designed to protect against those threats so if it does get hit by a blast, the vehicle will likely be destroyed. Without the armour packages installed the Flyer is still highly exposed so if caught by enemy fire it won’t be able to protect the crew very well. The vehicle did get the attention of several countries, especially after it was exposed in military expo’s. Of these countries Italy especially was interested in acquiring the vehicle due to the fact that they still used modified Land Rover defenders from decades ago for their special forces. Their specific requirements would be for a 4x4 vehicle which would be able to provide the Italian special forces elevated mobility and great peformance on harsh terrain. Italy also actively uses the C130J and CH-47 Chinhook, part of their requirement was also for the new vehicle to be able to loaded on planes and helicopters in service with Italy. This ultimately was easy for the Flyer 72. Italy made a purchase order in 2015 for 9 General Dynamics Flyer 72 GEN III to be delivered in 2015, 9 to be further delivered in 2016 and 9 to be delivered in 2017 for a total of 27 units. The USA also invited Italian special forces to the USA for a series of fimilarzation programs to give the future crews training on the vehicle, they later also trained troops to maintain the vehicle and give it the necessary care to make sure the vehicle is always ready for the mission. The vehicle in Italian service is primarily used by the Italian Army 9th Col Moschin special forces regiment. It very likely has already been deployed in Mali by the Italian contigent that was stationed there and recently has appeared in the 2022 2nd June parade.

x1 Gatling 7.62mm (Dillion M134-D)
x1 7.62mm machine gun
x1 5.56mm machine gun



Why it should be in game
It should be in game because i can see it as a neat mid tier vehicle able to take care of aircraft and lightly armoured vehicles, and if given the optional armament it has access to such as the Javelin ATGM, it could prove to be a great tank destroyer thanks to its mobility and top speed. It wouldn’t be too over-powered as pretty much anything it will encounter can take the crew out. Enemy air vehicles will also be able to take care of it from afar.



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+1 beautiful machine, it would be a great way to have gatling for italy

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Minigun truck

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Doesn’t fit into the game in any way. -1

As much as i like the looks, depending on aviable loadout, it wouldnt fit at all.

If limited to guns only, it will be useless at top tier and wont fit lower BRs in looks.

Only way IMO it can be added is with atgm to fulfill the same role as wiesel tow

this is what we need

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+1 A M134 or GAU-19 equipped Flyer could easily make for some pretty potent SPAAGs due to the high volume of fire.

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