Gears/hardware for air simulation battle

Has anyone got any advice on the suitable gears, hardware, or controllers for air simulation battle?
I tried with the default mouse/keyboard settings and I feel it’s extremely difficult to gain control.

P.s. I’m open to any ideas including joysticks, headsets, and other fancy stuff. Even tho I may not be able to afford them I’m still happy to know. Thanks in advance for sharing:)

Besides the mousejoystick (even with modern jets with sas just the keyboard tbh), any cheap flightstick is good enough (preferable with a slider for throttle). A cheap headset for communicating with the squadmates is always good, and you can mount a headtracker (like the ir lights for some track ir solution)
Then stuff like a headtracker (as mentioned above), HOTAS, pedals and lastly VR, if you really want that (personal preference at that point).
If you want to go more simmi, then go to DCS, so hardware like an engine panel, radio panel… make sense.

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TA! After some research I think I will go with HOTAS and pedals first. Headtracker and eyetracker seem a bit pricey but there are some alternatives that using webcam for face tracking. I will try those as well.

you don’t need the official Trackir 5 or something. You can get good stuff for lower than 100 bucks (with diy you can get is to 20 to 50 bucks), even though you probably have to search for it.
In the end, they are basically ir-led’s with a battery, going on a headset and a cheap webcam^^ The software is freeware. (Opentrack)

If you already have a webcam it is even cheaper since you can use that, and literally only need 3 ir-LED’s in a frame, that get power from USB or something.

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Try AI track and open track. You need both bits of software but they are both free. Then you can get headtracker just using a webcam. It’s what I do currently

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