GE refund help

Need a dev or someone that can help me unwind a mistake with a vehicle I bought with GE in the game. Haven’t used the vehicle and didn’t purchase it with silver lions once I saw it was not the right one. Please help

I don’t think you can refund them

Well if they don’t then I’ll just report the purchase of GE as fraud and then won’t come back

That’s not how it works… what are you? five?

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That is how it works, have you ever worked in the world of finance?

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What? You’re going to report the purchase as fraudulence because you fucked up?

I didn’t, it popped up the foldered vehicle instead of the next one I was trying to purchase. But yes I will report it as fraudulence!

That sounds like a you problem, especially since you confirmed your purchase lmao. You’re a little silly.

Not really a me problem since I’ll just get my money back lmao, but okay silly goose!

Will you now? Because afaik it’s your fault that you purchased the wrong vehicle, not gaijin’s

Yeah I will daddy

Excuse me what did you just call me?

So you’d just stop playing the game… lol
First: Don’t spend any of the GE you purchased.
Second: Put in a support ticket using your account requesting a refund of the purchase. There should be an order ID associated with it.

Third: If you did use any GE in War Thunder, then you likely won’t get a refund; and they are following the refund laws for both USA & the European Union.

If you want to stop playing the game permanently that’s up to you, but encouraging defrauding Gaijin & any other entity is a forum & game violation.


I don’t understand what they’re trying to say… they purchased the wrong thing then said they’d report their purchase as fraud bc they made a mistake XD

What the hell are you trying to say?

you know the saying your gonna report the purchase as fraud is a good way of not winning it and dont delete the feed cause im sure someone already screenshotted it

Yeah i don’t care at all lmao

I would suggest to speak with the support team, i had also the same issue twice connected to them and explained that i didn’t wanna get the tank or place, and they refunded me but only if you didn’t use it at all

This person right here, is the definition of an idiotic dumbass with the mind of a five year old.