GBU's maximum release speed on new F-16's

Post WWII and WWII: what changes in between them?
Technology? Yes, it have improved
Quality? Yes, aswell

Does tanks and planes had major changes? No they don’t.
They basically remains the same kind of vehicules.

The only reason why you think this game is a WWII is that somehow you think maps are not designed for high tier stuff, yet, even for 5.3 and higher BR, those maps aren’t designed for.

5.3 tanks are mostly ables to engage people at 3000m

Modern stuff is able to do the same over 4km to 5km

The game design remains the same, whatever you think of the differences, because they’re basically no differences in between.

The maps are too shorts, even for mid WWII stuff.

The problem of the game ain’t modern stuff at all,… it’s how people/game made us using them.

But those problems came because of how limited is the 3D Dagor Engine.

Why should read something i know about?
I play since 2013, and the reality behind WT is that Gaijin wanted to demarked themselves from Wargamming stuff, by proposing the combined gameplay (that’s why “birds of prey” was discontinued ndlr)

That’s why you should go remake your research at this point.

Ok so in your eyes there is no difference between a P47 and an F4E Phantom II.

They are the same “kind of vehicle” and both are just support vehicles for the ground forces.

This is hilarious. Between 1930 and 1960 ground forces where the main force of any army in the world. Starting in the 70s and 80s the air force was the fominant force woth ground forces being secondary.
Why? Because of guided munitions. This type of ammo compketely flipped warfare. So saying a plane which can carry those munitions is no different from a WW2 plane is insane and nothing else.


No. That is not even close to what I said. You need ro properly read.

The gameplay is designed to be tank focused with cas as the support.
Guided munitions make cas the main force and tanks are now the support.
Hence why I do not want to remove post WW2 stuff. Just guided munitions. And percisely guided air to ground munitions.
You ignored all of that and convinced yourself that I do not want post war stuff. You confused my reasoning and my aim. Because you did not read properly. S

Again an utterly ignorant statement.
Tanks are limited by the map space, yet firing a guided bomb from 25km out is technically possible.making countering it absolutely impossibe as the plane does not even render for the radar of top tier SPAA.
But for you this again doss not show that the game was not designed for these kinds of weapons.

So if the problem is how the game “makes users play” aka how the gameplay is designed is the problem then how can you argue against my point that the game is not designed to handle these systems.

You quite literally say that the gameplay is not designed to properly balance these newer guided air to ground munitions.
Amazing how you can repeatedly insult me for saying just that but still manage to agree with me and invalidate everything you said before.

Because yoir statements show that you do not know about it. Otherwise you would not have said what you did. Because yoir prior statements utterly disregarded WTs development and could only ever be true if WT started with guided munitions from day 1.

Yes take the easy way out by insulting me and labeling me a cas hater despite the, easy to check, fact that I enjoy playing cas and agaisnt cas.
And the fact taht I said on multiple occasions in this threat that cas is not the issue. Just guided air to ground munitions.

You just showed that you do not care or are incapable of understanding that simple point.

Same as you statements,…

Guided munitions are in both sides,… SPAAM also used Guided munition.

Even ATGM are guided munition.

The gameplay remains similar, only the ranges and the speed is more advanced with modern vehicules…

Not seeing that shows how much you do not understand evolution and technologies.

No reason to further discuss with someone who purposely ignores what I say and ignores simple rules of debate.

Guided air to ground munitions are absolutely clear. And every instance of me writing “guided munitions” was absolutely clearly shown to be just a shirtended version of that.
Never once did I advocate for the removal of SPAAs with groubd to air munitions, neither did I do such a thing for ground to ground munitions.

It was your own decision to read, what was a clear shortened version of my point, as something entirely different.

Once again you either did not read, did not understand or sinply misrepresented on purpose my statements.
Please go and take a course on debates, discussions and how to hold them…