Gazelle 341 needs to get different rockets pods

Quick look at wikipédia shows that Gazelle had as rocket pods Hydra(342G) or Matra (supposedly SNEB i guess?), while in-game they are stuck with absolutely terrible WW2 era FFAR that have no pen, no ballistic (so very hard to aim), and only 7 of them. Also, Gazelle could carry AS11 and AS12 missiles, which would be far better than rocking those terrible rocket pods.
I think either the Gazelle need to get by default some AS11/AS12 missiles, or for the rocket pods to be switched from the terrible FFAR to some decent-ish Matra or Hydra, because as of now the Gazelle is quite possibly the worst heli in game, as it’s lack of any capable armament at it’s tier means it cannot be used in anti-heli role , nor anti light, nor anti tank (stock ofc)
Also French wikipédia lists a 2x2 Strela launcher for the gazelle, so could be a alternative to the Mistral in case some player would want to switch up !


Interesting. But if you want to create a bug report, you’ll need some serious level of sources. And Wikipedia ain’t an acceptable one. Gaijin doesn’t let anything like that happen without an overwhelming amount of primary source evidence (at least two primary sources contradicting their own “secret docs”). If it’s for a French vehicle, the level of evidence requested is doubled. Don’t ask why.

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