Gay Archer vs HMAS Arrow

Gay archer is 2.3 in AB, Arrow is 2.7… been using both in a British Costal lineup lately

Both have single Bofors 40/60 mounted on front

But GA has torps and Depth Charges, and is considerably faster - at the cost of being smaller and a little easier to kill.

Arrow has a single .50 mounted aft as secondary.

Anyone else think their BR’s should be the other way around??

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Ever since the Attack class FPB addition many have ponder not only why is it Rank IV but also how the hell is it a 2.7 vessel when there are quite a few similar vessels at 2.3 or lower.

It should’ve already been reduced a year ago now but we’re here stuck at 2.7, I will probably try it soon since recently purchasing it but I known it ain’t gonna be great.

I’ve found Archer to be quite a good gun platform for the 40mm - much more stable than any of hte others in the RN tree and gets plenty of hits - quite easy to grind… but that doesn’t make up for the rest!!

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