Gamemodes won't load

Ground AB and RB wont load, only simulator shows up. But I cant join any games. unless custom battles.

I am not to sure, but I remeber vaguely when the problem first started, the game shows me " gamemodes/ MISSING_GAMEMODES…" or something like that when I want to join a room.

Here is screenshot of current issue:

Nothing I can do, I rebooted my game 3 times and it is not working. This is very fustrating, I just want to have fun in weekends after all the school and I come to this stuff happening to me. Please help.


I got the same, only SIM battles are available.

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Same Here, i closed the game, restarted and now i cant even go to hangar, freezes in the WT wallpaper screen

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Same here about 15 minuts…


Having the same issues cannot connect to server, also the game before this happened I played a match in sim, played the full game killed 3 tanks got 2 assists game ended and I had 0 score very frustrating !



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yeah, i just bought the Leopard/L44 and happened that, sad

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Seems like a widespread issue, so I am pretty sure Gj will fix it asap.

Official info is here

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Working again

Its intermittent. Clicking something will give an error and click again and it works.
I would recommend taking a break until they give an all clear, otherwise you might waste time/lose progress if the server hickups at the wrong time.

same issue happens to me, makes me scared that I have to quit WT because of this.

I just want to play yesterday but today still same as yesterday. Nothing change…

Samething is happening to me here, loading modes perpetually. Does anyone know how to fix? Ive tried restarting my game many times.

It means your client was able to login to the server, but for whatever reason, its not communicating with it either because of bad connection or some problem on the server side.
Unfortunately a common occurrence during software updates.

This is OP and the thing hasnt happened to me since, so I think it is best to take a rest day and hop back next time.