Gamemasters , i need your help

dear gamemasters, whoever reads this please reach out to me in dms. i will answer asap. my game is banned for something i didnt do. dm me. please. no one is answering my dms. or ones which see my texts say they are not responsible for game bans. just help me…please…

what’s your problem here?
everything clearly described.

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Brother, i texted about 7 of those gamemasters. Two replied and did nothing. And one told me (EVEN IF IT CLEARLY SAYS THAT GAMEMASTERS ARE ONES TO CONTACT WHEN YOU ARE BANNED) that its not her responsibility…. And she directed me to OrsonES. Who didnt even bother to check my message. It has been week and a half since i wrote to him. Thats the problem……

Why were you banned?

His brother used his pc or someone hacked him, you know … all bans are a mistake


Thank god someone understands


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Oh snap. Dude tried to sell his account and get perma banned.

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Its not up to you to decide lil bro and no one said that in the first place

I never decided anything

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The Game Master “white_3t” told you that your account is permanently locked/lost because you tried to sell it. There is no point coming on this forum making lies that you have done nothing wrong.
You broke the rules, you got banned, get over it lil bro.


You have contacted us (not me personally though), you were informed that this ban will not be lifted.

Asking around via other channels will not get you another response: We must be very strict with this kind of behaviour, and there is no appeal.


Your only option is to consult a lawyer to check if the game rule is in conflict with your national law.
Then your national law takes precedence.

Pretty sure that does not matter whatsoever since he signed a contract with Gaijin by making an account accepting those terms

It mattered with Microsoft License resale. So who knows?

Besides, the rules seem to forbit to sell. Not sure if he has actually sold. He says no.

He had clear intentions of doing that so it’s completely fine.

That is why I suggest to consult a lawyer.

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lol rip his money

You know, some adults have an insurance for stuff like this.