[GAMEBREAKING XP SCAM] !Earned XP not transfered to Vehicle!

If my math is right there is a gamebreaking Bug in this game and i got scammed by 13.004XP:
First off I had 3 very good good games in Air RB. I starded the 3. game while the other 2 games were still running, thats the reason why they all show the same module that is researched.
If we add up all research points for the next plane that i got we get 28.118XP. Because I get the 10% research bonus we calculate (28.118/110) * 100 and get 25.561XP that i should get for module research right? But guess what… I only got 12.557XP. am I missing something or did i get scammed by Gaijin? The time of the Battle statistics is 0:16:48 ; 0:20:49 ; 0:24:25 (all 21.01.2024)
I would be happy if someone can help me out here…
(For further investigations i have some more Data)

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I don’t know man. But sometimes while a game is still running, I just play another nation and maybe reload my game if I’m in doubt. You have to complete a match or reload your game for it to realise the gains. Assuming you don’t just stay in the match til the end.

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but still stupid that its such an uneven number…
is my assumption right that (without bonus) module xp and vehicle xp is 1 to 1 ?

Update: 35 min later after restarting the game and doing a match with a other nation i still didnt get the xp