Game stutters too much

Here to report another bug!

In every gamemode I played so far, I get pretty annoying stutters. It has nothing to do with the framarate as it’s usually 144+. But in air RB when I’m in a dogfight it’s very disturbing since I can’t track my targets as effectively and it also affects my aim. I noticed in the ground map Japan that it’s specifically very bad the first 10 seconds or so after spawning in an aircraft.

My drivers are up-to-date and all that, I’m open to any status on the bug or advice on how I can help it.

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I’m getting a few stutters as well… with FPS over 300…


this just started on my PC too, I have 7500F, 32Gb 6000mhz ram and RTX 4060 8 gigs, in-game fps counter shows 180+fps on high, 200+ low, yet gameplay is literally 20 FPS as I get closer to enemies, literally impossible to play.

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Glad to see that I’m not alone!

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