Game stutters and locks up in Naval matches, how to fix?

So, I have been playing a bit of naval RB lately and I have the following happen several times in the past several days.

Will be playing a match and usually fighting someone or multiple people and all the sudden, my game will stutter/lockup/freeze on me for a few seconds. Does anyone know what is causing this issue? Is it on my end or elsewhere?

Thanks for the help.


So not sure if this is similar but when I get destroyed and it shows the shells impacting on my ship I get what feels like a slight stutter(less than a second) with a freeze then it’s all good again. I’m using an i9 13900k and a 4080 so was thinking it’s Gaijin or newest drivers.

Who knows!

This happens every single match to me.

If you take damage, it freezes for 5 seconds