Game studdards in VR

Trying to find out if War Thunder works with PimaxXR. I get these 1 to 5 second freezes where i goes to the steamVR load screen with game title displayed. When the game showes back up on my Crystal i ruberband to another location. While this is happening in VR the computer monitor freezes.

Where this get confusing is the Pimax Crystal worked great for about a week then there were updates… steamVR, Pimax Play, War Thunder and Graphics Driver all within the same day and thats when this all started.

Im trying to get away from steam because i think its the reason for most of my problems but if i try to use PimaxXR (openXR) i get an error saying im missing a DDL or DLL file when starting War Thunder.

I9 10900k
Rxt 4090
64gig ram

geez, what a setup you have!
Out of curiosity: can’t you just run WT without steam VR?

Ther was an update from pimax and nvidia then all my problems went away!! Game looks so amazing with the pimax crystal.