Game stuck at "Logging in please wait" after Logging in

Game stuck at “Logging in please wait” after Logging in


it’s happing again

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the problem is that i have another account and i can login normally

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same problem and my friends, I think middle east servers have problems.

since when there are middle eastern server ? only North America Europe and the Common Wealth

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Hi, did you find any fix by now?

also me i have the same problem

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same problem i need to restart the game couple of time for it to log me in

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did you find any solution?

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I submitted a request to Gaijin support and waiting to there response using this link Gaijin Support

same problem here

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do you also has a problem with the chat? for me it takes a lot of time to load for example, when i press on any chat it takes a lot of time to let me like about 5 mins

i also did the same

Hi, did they fix your problem after opening a ticket in Gaijin support?
for me they gave ma a bunch of solution that didn’t work.

Has anyone found a solution? Enter me only twice and then the problem returns

No the game worked totally fine today for me then it stuck again when I shut it down for 20min

I searched for the problem and they say it is a local problem and not theirs

what do you mean by local problem? as in your PC?

I honestly don’t know. Maybe they mean internet services in your country