Game starts with wrong language

I’m from Portugal but I like to play in English.

After the latest update, every time I start WarThunder, the game is in Portuguese. I’ve changed it back multiple times to English, and I’ve even checked the config file, it specifically states “English” when looking at the selected language.

Today I started the game, and even changing the language inside the game did not work. It would be in Portuguese, I would select English, and the change simply would not happen. I would go back to the settings and it would say Portuguese again.

PS: I’d like to add that if I start the game via the launcher, everything seems to work just fine. The issue only persists when I start the game directly, which is possible via Steam (which is in English).


I have since reset my laptop (for a completely unrelated issue) and this problem is no more.

I would say that it would still be appreciated if a sollution were found though.