Game server

It’s been like that for a while, but I’m still having server issues. When loading the game, it suddenly returns to the hangar, and when I play the game normally, it suddenly says that it has lost contact with the server, and it returns to the hangar. There have been many other problems in the past. Please increase or improve the server.

If you even use wifi in the slightest, that’ll be the cause…

i use wifi only, never been an issue

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but yes, try to use Ethernet

I constantly find people who have wifi issues, and just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean it’s not the cause.

Like, last week I had someone who was admamant it was the servers, but after checking and giving them info about how to make it better, they were a lot more informed.

  1. relax, im not a nazi
  2. just because he is having those issues, doesn’t mean its wifi, it cant be ISP issues as well
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you came on very aggressive

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You’re jumping on a thread dismissing instantly what I’ve said…

I’m constantly debugging peoples issues, and you’ve just come in targetting me more than helping the OP.

You didn’t even need to drop that N word, but you did…