Game Not launching With Easy Anti-Cheat enabled

I am having problems trying to launch any game with this anti-cheat. I was wondering if anyone else is/ has been experiencing this. I have managed to disable the ant-cheat for War Thunder, but I can only play arcade battles. I have been playing games with different anti-cheats (COUNTER STRIKE, IM LOOKING AT YOU) and those will launch. I would like to know how to fix this issue.

if you have cheats for any other game on your system, i would delete them, If your are creating a new account to get around a previous ban, good luck.

Go into your War Thunder folder, find the EasyAntiCheat folder, and run the EasyAntiCheat setup launcher and use the repair service option.


ok there is no folder for Easy Anti-cheat.

I could suggest using verify files through steam to ensure it’s all there. Otherwise no idea, as it should be there.