Game keeps crashing the graphics card

Before the la royale update the game keeps crashing, even with a clean install of nvidia latest graphics driver. After the update it didnt crash up until this week where it crashes my computer again. Anyone know how to fix it? Ive done clean reinstall of the game and graphics driver but it still crashes :/

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Iā€™m also having the same issue, unable to launch the game and it keeps crashing after the latest update

windows 10
AMD 5800X3d
Nvidia 3090

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i have the same issue. Never happened before but for 2 days now my Display drivers crash when i play war thunder

I have had the same thing starting monday of this week. It got to a point where even logging in through steam it would crash my computer to a reboot. Uninstall did all that stuff and downloaded from warthunder site itself. Booted that up and tried and it crashed. So messed with the display settings in the launcher and choose low. It worked and could play. Tried Medium, it worked and it played with no issue. Went to High and it started, crashing again. All the other games I play, WOW, cyberpunk, call of duty 2 work perfectly fine without any crashes and they are all on high. So either my vid card is on its last legs (nvidia geforce gtx 1660 ti) or warthunder did an update to the graphics that my card cannot handle.