Game issue

so i’ve been playing warthunder for a awhile and now it’s been having random file read errors causing me to have to do the check file thing on steam. and aswell as when i end up dying it may just causes me to not be able to spawn back in another vehicle and perpetually have the loading over the spawn button. the match will still be going on in the mini map but just everything kind of stops being controlled, like lets say i’m in a air battle in the spectator screen and on the mini map i’ll see the planes just fly straight, and eventually crash into whatever’s in front of them. when this happens it won’t even allow me to alt + f4. sorry if this is a bit hard to read it’s late when i’m typing this out, and i’ve tried doing everything i could find on the matter on my own and so far nothing has worked and i’m seeing if anyone has another way to fix this

this is the only error thing i get when i have a file read error
Screenshot 2023-08-22 004143