Game is broken after new update, Sons of Attila


I’m experiencing crashes after updating and running WT (Sons of Attila).

First crash was when entering a new battle (game froze). Afterwards game is crashing upon load - completely frozen.

I have restarted Windows 11 several times, but no change. Game is still crashing.

Anyone else seeing this?


I updated my video drivers and now the game runs smoothly!

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my game wont run after Attila ,freezes and i get a critical error box …

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Same here, first time after update I went in the game and it ran smoothly until i went to test flight the MI-8 and then it suddenly froze and crashed. After that it wouldn’t even allow me to enter the game. It freezes right as I enter the hangar

Try updating your video drivers. Worked for me :)

And if this updating doesn’t work, you should already have followed the normal advice to verify files in the launcher, and to clear the cache folder in the game folder as well.

The other one is, if it’s showing an error, it’s always good to pass this up to anyone looking because they often relate to why you’re having trouble.

what if i have no drivers to update? my game doesnt work and i can not update anything.

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Same Problem here, after the last Update the game is lagging and i´ve got framedrops. I dont know why, all drivers are up to date.

has anyone got anywhere with this? I am experiencing exactly the same. It is only others having this issue that makes me think it is not necessarily my (old) laptop

I updated my nvidia drivers, then restarted the game and this fixed the issue.