Game Instant Crash To Desktop, No Error

Ive had an instance if the game essentially closing itself just now and it was forcefully to desktop returning no error and any trace within the reliability monitor, i have no idea about the event log because all i see is error from device manager because windows pushing a poor patch as usual. I have no crash dump or log of it either and the only thing i had running was OBS which i never has issues with because it is utilized all the time.

This was the first instance of this however but ive done some digging and havent found any possible cause as everything has recently been updated even with utilizing DDU, i am running the latest Studio drivers due to poor reliability with game drivers. Windows 10 is up to date as far as i am concerned because i only update monthly due to a tedious amount of work i need to do manually to properly update.

Nothing has changed other than the Recording settings on OBS. I dont normally record, I use it for live. Is this just a War Thunder spoof?

32 gb ram
RTX 3080 12gb

I dont have much of a log to provide either since it gave me nothing, this is the steam one as well. Was just in the menu spectating and then boom, force closed to desktop, didnt hang, nothing, it was the quickest ive ever seen war thunder close, no offense. Just snap, like that.

Anyone willing to help me sort this out?

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I will have maybe 3 or 4 of those crashes a week. It’s the game.

With me, i fly planes mostly, it’s when i die. As soon as my screen changes, my PC crashes back to desktop. Everytime I used to check my PC, there was nothing wrong with it. It’s an annoying bug in the game. If you are quick enough to start the launcher and run the game, when you get to your hanger, a notice question pops up on screen asking if you want to rejoin the game you was just in.

I normally jump straight back in to the match, but the biggest kick in the balls, is when it happens while you are playing with an activated “Booster”, especially when it’s a 300% or 500% booster.


I never have this problem, it was only once so i assumed its just a spoof, I dont mind swapping to the latest game ready drivers if I have to, but I will have to do a whole load of updating as well with everything else which I dread the most. I’ll do what I gotta do. I was just wondering if anybody can give me some tips or advice to mitigate the problem if it does stay consistent.

I didn’t have it until an update a month or so ago.

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Do anything with a plane - instant crash to destop… again - this was an issue last year and now it is here all over again

Ive been having the same issue. Tried everything i know of including deleting the program and restarting it. Very upsetting!

I have a similar issue. In my case, every single match ends automatically at around 5 minutes. The Warthunder program keeps working; it is just me being kicked out of the match for no reason, and my crews were locked for 3-4 minutes. The issue has persisted for several days. Many actions have been tested, including uninstalling and reinstalling the client. Nothing has worked so far. It is very upsetting.

Same here, the last few days the games crash without blue screen or error report.
A few months ago i thought it was a problem with the airflow in my case.
But now i am pretty sure this game sucks

There’s another thread where the map is crashing to desktop, you should maybe check that if you are using nVidia GPU.

Also if you have onboard and a dedicated GPU, ensure the onboard is actually disabled.

I am severely late to this as I took a break from War Thunder. Another person had the same issue and it seems you pointed towards the client crash. It created no DMP file as I recall and I did update all my drivers afterwards. I am running on the 552.22 Nvidia Studio Drivers. Weirdly enough, I played planes all fine for a solid month straight and then decided to go to ground and then it happened after a few minutes into battle. Sent me back to desktop without an error or dmp file generation. Like I said, quickest I seen war thunder close ever.

Safe to say War Thunder is being completely reinstalled straight from the client itself this time and not steam so I should have a fresh game install as it is.

Still find it rather odd it crashed without giving me any error or dmp file though.

Use a fresh folder, not the same folder maybe.

I point them to the other threads as many times I am literally having to repeat myself in the steps and processes to do, and many will come and say thier issue is the same, but many times they’re not.

It also depends on when you crash.

Also the timing of that crash is critical as well. If it’s bang on 5 minutes, then you want to look at EAC.

If I remember correctly, I was playing Air RB all night long and decided to go play tanks after and it was a couple minutes into Sinai it CTD without an error so yeah. Most likely corruption. I deleted warthunder completely as well, only folder remains is in the steam common files which is completely empty. I would know because I did a C drive cleanup due to Davinci Resolve so the War Thunder game file went with it as as well. I should have a clean start, so far so good but I wouldn’t call it clear just yet. I would have to play for a few hours to relatively see for sure, but that takes motivation to play haha.

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I currently have a crash happening when I spawn planes in tanks sometimes, so just take note of when and where you crash a bit. Usually it just tabs me to desktop, but I have had it actually crash me.

Also mind that geforce experience highlights feature, that takes a LOT of power and it seems to make duplicates (I had 8 copies of a single highlight at one point)