Game freezes/crashes - macOS

Last update solved the problem with ETC. But now I’ve got the game occasionally freezing, sound plays a short loop. Need to restart my Machine to solve it. Happened twice after switching to binoculars and once right after the battle started.

Running Ventura, MacBook Air M1

Can somebody confirm this or is it just an issue with my setup?

Mac Issue

If you go over to the Gaijin area they have a pretty useful report area where you can upload your computer data - game log files etc.
Below is my most recent one

I will get bonus miles soon. This will be my 3rd report since “seek and destroy” was released…

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It’s my 4th I think and did nothing to fix it - same issues still occur

i love that you think gaijin will ever do anything for Mac players

Had none with, but brought them back. No hard freezes, but soft freezes all over the place. Honestly - I’m out till it’s solved. No need to spend even more in game currency on repairs…

Still not fixed.

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Still the same old freezes