Game freezes and crashes to desktop

Ever since the latest update I’ve been plagued by constant and semi random freezes followed by crash to desktop. This only happens in warthunder, and always when I spawn in a plane.

I have a Ryzen5 5600x, RX 5700xt nitro+, 16gb of ram and the games sitting on a nvme m.2. I’ve tried reinstalling the game, clearing the cache, GPU and Bios both upto date, lowered the graphics to ULQ, and it still freezes and crashes to desktop.

Before the update I could run on a mix of max and high settings at 144fps. But now I’m lucky to get 100fps on medium, plus the added bonus of crashes.

So is it just me or has gayjin done something in the update?
Have you had this and cured it? Let me know what you did, because I’ve run out of things to try.

I’ve been trying to get the game running again since December 4th 2023.

Even the form to report an issue does not work properly.
I cannot link/upload the dxdialog and crash.log in the form.

Is there an email address where someone can be contacted???