Game freezes and Crashes after login

This started right before the update today (Aug 7) where I would login and the game would freeze after pressing “Sign In”. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that failed, and I have tried a “clean installation” for my graphics drivers and that failed.

My hardware is: Intel Core i7 12th Gen, 32g DDR5 Ram, 2T M.2 Drive and Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU.

Also, if I don’t answer back immediately, it’s because I’m most likely at work and don’t get home until about 1700 EST.

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Could you please upload a DxDiag Log?
You can find a guide here:
Knowledge Base - War Thunder Wiki

You don’t have to answer back “immediately”. Even if takes a long time 'til you answer, you can always drop a PM to notify us (or me) :)

Good luck.

Hello dev,
I also experiencing the same problem as the original poster.
I’ve tried to log in and out a couple of times and ran as admin as well but it keeps freezing after logging in ( I have auto login turned on)
Is there anything I can do? (3.2 MB)

This, correct?


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Please uninstall current GPU drivers using DDU or smth similar and install the latest version using the official manufacturer’s website.

It worked, thank you for your help

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Glad to help!

(I am not a dev)

Can you please provide a DxDiag Log?

Hello, the game worked after freezing for couple minutes and everything is normal again.
It popped up the freeze frame stack error on that day a bit after but everything is good now.
Thank you