Game deletes reshade every time you run the launcher

Has anyone else who uses reshade ran into this issue? I was playing earlier today with absolutely no problems, yet with the latest micro update today the game now deletes reshade every single time you open the launcher.

Before this update, you would have to reinstall reshade every time the game updated the .exe, but now it automatically deletes it every time you open the launcher. The only filters I use is sharpness, contrast and colourfulness. I don’t use nvidia filters because they make the game laggier and don’t have the fine control you can get with reshade. (plus nvidia filters IS just reshade with nvidias name on it)

I visually confirmed it by installing reshade, then opening the launcher and watched as the files disappeared from the folder. Anyone else running into this issue or have seen any comments from the devs recently about disallowing reshade?

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OMG, I’m not alone.

This started yesterday.

Yes, according to launcher log, it now deletes all alien folders and files from win64 folder.

I want my own color filter, because I don’t like native warthunder orange-greenish colors and nvidia freestyle is very hard to use, because it has awful interface that doesn’t work with nvidia DSR enabled (for many years!).

What a sad situation!

It’s just ridiculous. It’s not like it’s going to stop cheaters. Not sure why they’ve decided to only start doing this yesterday purely to inconvenience normal players.

You should probably take the hint before you try to login to your banned account.

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It’s funny because gajin uses reshaded screenshots in social media. In posts, news etc.