Game crashes once every day

After last update, the game crashes every time I login the first time and the game starts loading. When I login again, the second attempt usually works.

“A crash a day, keeps the technician away”

Please try this:

  1. Clear the game cache
  2. Verify the integrity of the game files

Today it started crashing every time period. I can’t play.
I did the cache and integrity things, but no change. After login the Loading starts with the circle moving, but then it freezes and a few seconds later CTD.

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Try updating/reinstalling your GPU drivers:
Please reinstall your GPU drivers using DDU or similar software (Make sure you follow the instructions for the software like using Safe Mode and restarting in time). Install the latest available version(s) from the manufacturer’s official website.

I will. However, this morning I was able to enter. Is it possible some sort of hacking is involved?

I suspect your GPU driver is messing with your PC. If it’s fine, then leave it. If it happens again, try what I suggested.