Game crashes on startup after latest update, Fatal Error: Exception

After the latest update, every time I launch the game it immediately crashes with the message “Fatal Error: Exception”. I have found other posts about the same issue, and tried the solutions presented there but nothing has helped so far. I started getting this issue yesterday (14/3), the game was working fine before.

What I’ve tried so far:
-Verifying files on Steam
-Reinstalling the game on steam
-Windows repair command
-Updating GPU drivers
-Deleting all game files manually then reinstalling on Steam
-Installing the standalone launcher
-And restarting my PC of course

My PC specs:
R7 1700X

Any ideas on what could help and what’s going wrong?


Hey i have the same issue, i have also tried everything but still no luck. I hope the mods with will see this and find a solution to this


Hey i have the same issue just like you I have tried everything like:
Reinstalling the game
DDU (deleting my drivers)(I have nvidia RTX 4060 8gb)
and other
But i was afraid that my system (pc) has a problem but you gave me hope
I have ‘‘exceptions’’ ‘‘fatal errors’’ and ‘‘Video driver hung and was restarted. Texture quality was reduced’’

Update: I got it to work after deleting war thunder and steam completely from my pc and downloading it again and it works now. I hope it will work for you guys too

i have deleted war thunder 2 times now and im from steam

Tried deleting and reinstalling Steam and War Thunder, still doesn’t work, same error.

Update, more stuff I’ve tried:
-Running war thunder using dx11 and dx12
-Installing on another drive
-Updating GPU drivers and doing a full reinstall this time
-Running the game directly without Steam
-Deleting the local profile files

Still isn’t working, I’ll put in a support ticket.

Solved. I reinstalled Windows (entirely, not just repairing the Windows install) and the problem went away. In case anyone else runs into the same issue, that might work as a last resort.