Game crashes every time I die in Air Battles

Game crashes every time I die in air battles. I’ve tried reinstalling the game, and verifying game files. I’ve also tried reinstalling my GPU Drivers and turning my terrain displacement quality all the way down. None of these seem to have worked. I have a 7800X3D and a 4090 running Windows 11.

Anyone else had a similar issue?


Yea, same here. I play 1 match then on death instant CTD with no error message and no option to send a crash report running a 13900kf with a 3080ti and 64GB of DDR5.

I doubt at this point it’s drivers or anything on my end (believe me I checked). It’s been ongoing for at least the last 6 months or maybe longer, and has gotten significantly worse since the “Kings of Battle” update. It used to be it would get 4 or 5 games before crashing and now it’s every time, right when the game is trying to open the spectator display. This is not isolated to Air Battles either but happens when flying aircraft in ground battles (with the same consistency as ARB) and even in test flight (more rare).

It’s to the point now that I can barely play the game. If a Mod could could direct me which files to add I would be happy to add crash logs/game logs to this post but as of now I’m not sure which files to add as the ones in the log folder are encrypted so I have no idea which log to send.


I have the same issue. I can’t play air battles anymore, it’s very frustrating.

Funny enough, tank battles work fine. I have no clue. I have a 7800XD / 4090 with windows 10.

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Been having the same issue, usually crashes the first time I die every match but once I rejoin its fine. it started happening once or twice a day, now its every game.

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Could be pure coincidence, but I was like the rest of the folks in here, crashing once when I died (only in air ab) then once I reconnected was fine. Then today it was upon every death.

Not sure if you’re using the steam client, but instead of launching the game directly through Steam, I chose the “Manual Update” launch option which opens the game launcher instead of the game directly.

Since then I haven’t had any crashes, like I said could be coincidence, but if it ends up working for you let us know to help cement my theory.

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Ive had the same problem and loading up with the manual game update option seems to help any other solution would be appreciated.

I have just gotten a new PC myself to enjoy the game with better graphics.
What for whatever reason i have just run into the same problem as you…
It usually crashes everytime it wants to spectate the enemy that killed me…

I run a 14900KF, 4080 and 64 gb DDR5 ram… This is so sad since its a game i play reguarly, guess ill have to take a break now…

I just reinstalled the game after a long absence, and I’m getting these crashes as well.

It’s usually after a death in Air AB, and it’s a straight CtD with no error message.

Basically unplayable.

This worked for me as well. Launching the client directly from the WT folder and not via Steam has reduced the crashes to about 1/25 games from about 10/25 games.

I never used Steam, so this is clearly a different issue, or at least only related.

Today I tried a couple battles and the first crashed the game when I died, with the second crashing when we won the battle.

My reply was to ScytheFG. Hope you figure it out - it was super frustrating!

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Same here. CTD without any error after every death in air battle.

Well this is irritating! Im running 5900x with RTX 4070ti and evertytime i crash my plane or die the game just closes itself. Thought i found a wicked flying game to play with my dad but guess not with these problems. My dads running a 6700K with a GTX 1060 and has no problems with this game. Just sad, the few games i played i loved it.

I also experience this in BR 5.3 as B17 bomber after bombing a base and getting shot down by uptier fighters…

I blame the uptier, not the game.

still no fix? :(

I have the same issue. It was not happening in 2023

Been happening to me for MONTHS.

But I realized it is not after AB death, it is the MAP after you die because it can happen when you check the map too.

It happens more when I have a booster active or working on a task.

I think it is Ganjins way of ensuring everything takes longer.

It is 100% for sure not an end user problem but more of a handicap placed on us by the game.

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