Game crashes every 1 of 3 times upon startup on Windows 10


Since a long time my game crashes upon startup 1 of 3 times . I send Crash ID and information to Gaijin and then I have to reboot the game.Its frustrating.
Any help welcome.
Most of the time I get this error:!
“Freeze detected 8111000A”

Crash ID:



I’ve had a similar problem in November. Not sure about the crash IDs though. Turned out EAC found some issue with my drivers and very often I had crashes on startup and sometimes even during the game (including blue screens!). Even Windows reinstall didn’t help. Turning off EAC fixed it for me. Though now I don’t have any problems even with EAC turned on. So you should either turn off EAC or wait couple of months for a fix. Hope it helped.