Game crashes constantly

A few hours ago, i started having re-occuring freezes while in-game, which blocked my whole PC and forced me to restart my PC. After a few restarts, the game started simply crashing whenever i launched it, with no error message whatsoever. Sometimes it’s during the initial loading scree, sometimes in the main menu while selecting battles.

I tried restarting my PC, clearing the cache, re-installing the game (both from the website and from Steam), updating my drivers, running as administrator, scanning for viruses… nothing works, and i’m all out of ideas. My config is pretty solid, and i have no viruses.
One time i launched it as an administrator, and EasyAntiCheat was disabled because of it, and somehow it seemed to not crash… But i was forced to close the game since you can’t play with EAC disabled. So maybe the bug comes from EAC?

I have no idea what to do, does anyone have an idea? I also want to make clear that i’m 100% sure i have no cheats, and never used any.

Thanks in advance

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You want to clear the cache folder in the game folder, in case you’ve just cleared the cache of the PC.

Exempt your game folder from your antivirus if you have one.

If it keeps happening, with the game closed in the game folder is the EAC folder, and in there run the EAC setup as admin, and repair service.

If it actually keeps happening from there, start over again in the diagnosis front.

Already did all of that, none of it worked.

I just reinstalled my graphic drivers, now now i’m back at being able to launch a game, but it freezes and makes my PC crash after 1 minute

You repaired the EAC service? You didn’t say that in your other post, but yea.

I’d be checking your temps and/or the windows error log maybe if it’s keeping on freezing. Is it ever crashing with an actual message or anything ‘direct’?

Yep, doesn’t work :(

I used to have no error whatsoever when it just crashed my game, but now before it crashes my PC it makes my PC have 2 FPS and display that : [

Error 8111000A: Freeze Detected.

Which is extremely vague

I’d definitely check temps, and consider checking the PC out more.

Myself, I’d format for a quick solution if the windows install is old, but that’s just me. xD

I already did all that T_T
I don’t want to format my pc though, i have a lot of things on there that i can’t really put anywhere else, and i don’t have the time to reinstall everything

If it’s an nVidia card, you could watch that issue that is coming through… Maybe you’re affected and it’s not as clear??? (Same could be said about the AMD issue last week though)

Yes it’s an RTX 3060. What do you mean by that?

Could be an idea to rollback the drivers a bit maybe if it’s keeping on being an issue.

The issue I’ve been seeing popping up is that rendering bug that’s floating about, and because of the commonality of it being nVidia I wouldn’t put it past the drivers having trouble, or something along that line of things.

Like, I’m just spitballing all in all, but hope you have some luck and all that.

I have similar issues since about 3 or 4 days. The game freezes (which also freezes my whole pc) and then crashing after about 30 seconds of beeing frozen. At first it happened in Battles at random times. Now it happens in the Hangar aswell. It happens as early as 10 seconds after starting the game and beeing thrown into the hangar. After having crashed I have received multiple different Error messages. About insuficent memory or it just beeing a critical bug.
About a week before the first crash, I have started to also have very heavy frame drops. These lasted entire games and even multiple ones after another. Only a PC restart ficed these. Now whenever the game actualy lets me play, I also have these frame drops a lot.
I suspect both issues beeing liked.
As a sidenote, yesterday, the game set my Texture quality from “high” to “medium” and it was beeing shown red with a notice, of the game having switched due to running out of video memory.