Game crashes at respawn or end of the match (Ground AB and RB)

Hi guys,

for a months now I am having a weird bug, both in Ground AB and RB - sometimes this happens twice a day, sometimes this does not happen for a week and I nearly forget about it, but it recently happened again so I am writing this post right now:

On the respawn-screen in Ground AB/RB, the game “freezes” when I select my next vehicle and want to respawn. Other players are still playing and I can see and hear that, but the game won’t let me respawn, the button keeps saying “loading”. I cannot enter main menu, not even ALT+F4 will work to end the gae then, I have to do it via task-manager .

The next thing is, that when I finnish a game and want to go back to hangar, the game freezes at the loading-screen. I am still able to “move” the loading screen around, but it will load “forever” so I have to end the game manually via task-manager.

Both bugs don’t happen too often since, as I said, sometimes the game works fine for 7-10 days, just to have both bugs described to happen twice an hour which is kind annoying. The friends I use to play with did never experience this bug, I am the only one on the discord, lol.

My hardware:

Intel Core i5 10400F
RTX 3070
Gigabyte Z590 GAMING X ATX
Windows 11 - 64bit

Thank you guys. Kind regards and see ya on the battlefield,


fixed - it was my ethernet cable that was broken, this issue had nothing to do with the game itself, i am sorry for calling false alarm! regards, kryp