Game closing down as soon as I join a match

All day today out of no where when I try to join a match and load into the vehicle selection screen, the game completely closes down and I’ve found no fix, tried verifying file integrity for steam, updating my computer and various other things to no avail.

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I feel you man same problem

Same here for me and my buddy

wish i could help as ive got the same problem

me too,yesterday I can continue game after once closing down,but today it keeps closing down

Same issue, I get into the game to select a vehicle and then the game just closes. Mind you w/o any crash report/sent to developer option.

Exactly what happened to me.

could you guys go into the log and see if you got a kernel-power 41 error?

and are you using Nvidia GPUs?

I had this issue with the latest update and an NVIDIA GPU, although mine just says Fatal error: Exception

Still happening, started today for me for some reason

i did find temp solution, made a post about it