Game closes several seconds after loading with Easy Anti-Cheat loaded

Whenever I open the game with the anti-cheat option enabled the game crashes several seconds after logging in. I obviously do not have cheats installed but the game works fine when I run the game without the option enabled. This issue only became apparent today and I’ve been playing for months without an issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail. There doesn’t appear to be an error message so I am not sure what the cause is.


me too dude after the anti-cheat option enabled the game crashed too
and now i findind the way to fix it

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It’s so bizarre. I noticed that my other game with easy anti-cheat, Battlebit, also crashed on opening so maybe it is an anti-cheat problem not warthunder.

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Same here I’m having the same issues with both WarThunder and Enlisted. I can only launch WarThunder with anti-cheat disabled. I’ve completely uninstalled and re-installed WarThunder and the problem still exists. This is really frustrating.

There seems to be no notifications or warnings saying the game crashed or cheats detected. The game just closes itself after loading for a while. I’ve tried to look into the logs of the game but they seems to be encrypted.

Anyone got any solutions yet? Please fix thxx

Similar here. With anti-cheat enabled, launching War Thunder instantly restarts my computer and I get the message: Windows was not properly shut down

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