Game causes PC to significantly slow down and chug

So far War thunder is the only game that causes this issue, I can play multiple rounds in war thunder just fine with 200+ FPS and then suddenly for no reason at all, programs will start chugging really hard on my PC.

What is weird though is that the FPS counter in WT still registers that the FPS is fine and still running at 200+ as if nothing is wrong, but in reality I’m getting what is basically 1 frame every 3-4 seconds, like my whole PC is running in small spurts.

Again, only War Thunder causes this, no other game or application has caused my PC to lock up like this and the issue immediately stops AFTER I close War thunder.

PC Specs

OS- Windows 11
GPU- Nvidia 3080ti
CPU- AMD 5800X3D
RAM-32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro
MB- NZXT N7 B550
Storage- all SSD’s

Attempted solutions:
PC restart
PC shutdown
Validating Files
Reduced Graphical settings


Hi mate, you’re not alone in this. I’ve been having this exact problem since the last major update. I’ll play several games and seemingly at random my framerate drops to a frame every few seconds and my PC becomes extremely sluggish/unresponsive until I alt+F4. This is the only game in which this problem seems to occur.

I’ve had it clear up once when alt-tabbing after it occured, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this again. I made it back to the hangar once despite the lag, but it persisted into the hangar and I still had to force close the game to fix it.

Very frustrating.

CPU: Intel i9-13900K
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 64GB DDR5-5200 (2x32 running in dual channel)
Installed on an SSD.


WT’s optimization is below average. I’d just recommend turning down your graphics settings. If that doesn’t work there’s another reason to add to the pile for another en-mass review bombing.

do you happen to run the game on movie settings? because I didnt have an issue until I did. i may try max and see if the problem continues.

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I run custom settings these days - but most settings are maxed out, yeah. I tried disabling SSAO and the game feels a lot smoother now although I haven’t had the time just yet to be able to test whether or not it’s had an effect on the frame drops.

Im having this exact issue. Ive re downloaded war thunder and ive even factory reset my PC. Nothing has worked.

Could be related to Easy Anti Customer activity in the background? I play Arcade where EAC is not required and I never experience such issues.

FPS issues happen to me as well, where the game goes down to 10-15 fps for a few seconds. However, the game also crashes or BSOD’s my computer. It could be because of EAC.

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Also wanted to say this is an issue that is happening for me as well now. Just at somepoint with the game open all pc system tasks will slow down and game client goes to like 1fps. Only game this is happening for and I was fine for like 2 weeks but then it started up again.

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Unfortunately, I use Windows 10.

People, try this out:

  • First, uninstall EAC from the EasyAntiCheat folder in WT.
  • Second, download this EAC that’s from the official website: EasyAntiCheat.exe
  • Third, rename that downloaded .exe into EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, and replace the one from the WarThunder/EasyAntiCheat/ folder.
  • Fourth, install it with this new .exe.

Please report back, because I think it works perfectly now. I tried out 4 matches, and all of them worked flawlessly without PC crashes or FPS loss, when the first match would straight up crash in less than a minute.

I’ve tried running lower graphics settings and that has not fixed the issue. whatever is causing the problem is not tied to graphics settings.

sorry man, clicking on an exe link is super sketch. you’re gonna have to report back to us and let us know if you have any more issues.

It’s all good. The .exe is completely fine as it’s from the official EAC website. I tried out the workaround fix and it worked perfectly. Once I quit the game and go back to it, I uninstall EAC, replace the .exe with the downloaded one, and install EAC there. I made this my habit pretty much.
It’s likely that EAC gets modified after exiting the game, which leads to a crash or BSOD if not reinstalled to a fresh state.

Well I’ve spoken with other players and we’ve basically narrowed the issue down to a memory leak. so unless gaijin wants to fix it, there is nothing we can do because the problem lies with WT. So chances of it actually getting fixed are slim with gaijin’s reputation.

The issue is still present in the game client Win 11, Intel Core i-9 vPRO machine with Nvidia gfx. Lags even in the hangar…

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yeah i had the issue show up again yesterday myself. had to alt-f4 the game and reboot it.

Still struggling … having a top-end comp and this? WTF…

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Me too. I have a ultra wide monitor with a 3090 and 5900X. The game starts with 250+ FPS and slowly but consistently loses performance over time. The stutter gets worse whenever there’s UI. This is extremely frustrating. Please optimize the game!

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