Gaijoob, Why can the Namer only hold 2 extra spikes when it's mostly comprised of air?

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AFAIK it is a a prototype up-gunned version of the Nammer (which only had a .50 HMG or 40mm GL on top) , and as far as anyone knows that is all it carried.

All that “empty air” is for infantry and their equipment.

30mm, not 40.

And yes, more or less a prototype. The turret itself was the real test, as the hull already existed by itself it a few iterations.

This version of the Namer, and the Namer IFV both have spikes, however there is a massive lack of information regarding the ability to carry more in the hull. I believe a similar problem presented itself regarding the KF-41 in terms of lacking publicly available information.


Yeah but for balancing purpose, move it up and give it 8 SPIKEs instead. It’s not like the Freccia is op?

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